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Jim Donovan and The Sun King Warriors

Jim Donovan : Earth Drums Drum the Ecstatic by Jim Donovan 1

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About The Sun King Warriors:
Jim Donovan, former member of the popular multi-platinum band Rusted Root presents an brand new exhilarating musical feast for the ears and the body that fuses tribal world rhythms with rich American roots music.

Propelled by a stage full of drummers, singers and multi-instrumentalists, The Sun King Warriors offer an all-encompassing, rhythmically engaging show steeped in tribal drumming, trance chanting, rock, and Americana. Complementing the King's driving beat is a rich harmonic blend of vocals, guitars, bass and keys.

In addition to Donovan on drum-kit, guitar and vocals, this six piece group features the unstoppable energy of Bryan Fazio & Harry Pepper on congas and percussion, Brandon (The Champ) King on keys, vocals and percussion, Kent Tonkin on bass and Dan Murphy on electric guitar.

When you come to see The Sun King Warriors, expect the unexpected. The band is known for blurring the line between audience and performer as well as for throwing caution to the wind by creating music in the moment with no script. The Sun King Warriors mission is to create a spiritually uplifting environment where everyone has the opportunity to fully be themselves. Come out to dance, groove, or just listen…. you'll be glad you did.