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Jim Donovan Signature Djembes

The Jim Donovan Signature Djembe

by Everyones Drumming

Hand Crafted in the USA

All drums have a lifetime limited warranty on the shell and a 6 month limited warranty on the head.

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About the Drums

The Jim Donovan Signature Djembe was created as a result of the demand for a great sounding, comfortable-to-play, and easily tunable drum. Each djembe is hand crafted to order out of the highest quality Vermont maple hardwood using stave construction and rich rosewood finish. The heads are a strong and resonant goat skin. The rope we use is non-fraying, mountain-climbing grade quality.

The sound of the standard size djembe (13" x 24") is well rounded with a balance of tones, slaps, and  a HUGE bass tone. It will be heard above all other drums no matter how many others accompany you. It's an ideal size to make it a comfortable drum to sit play, yet light enough to strap on and wear for hours.

If you're looking for something a bit smaller you'll love the small size djembe (11" x 20") . This sweet drum has an amazing amount of sound, and like the standard size, its tones, slaps and bass are rich and resonant. The small size djembe is a convenient and light weight traveling companion and is also a great size for children.


Tired of rope tuning? 

Jim Donovan Signature Djembes can be easily tuned in 2-4 minutes.  View our patent pending cinch tuning system...


About the Drum Maker

Everyone’s Drumming hand drums and percussion instruments are made with great attention to detail using local wood species native to the North Eastern United States. Each instrument is handcrafted by, yes, human beings! Our drums are not mass-produced by large factories overseas, but rather made in small batches here in Vermont to assure the highest quality available. We strive to make every drum suitable for the professional, yet accessible to the beginner.

Our company was founded in 1994 in the village of Putney in southern Vermont, where we have never wavered from our original objective of producing the high quality hand drums which are now recognized in the industry as among the finest available. Used by many top percussionists, these instruments are made from carefully selected hardwoods, incorporating a stave construction technique combined with rope tuning and natural drum heads. The bearing edge and positioning of the rings make them among the most comfortable drums to play, and a polyurethane finish, inside the shell as well as outside, provides for a very consistent and reliable sound.

We stand by our work. All of our drums have a lifetime limited warranty on the shell and a 6 month limited warranty on the head.


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