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Connect. Empower. Inspire.

Jim Donovan's Rhythmic Foundation DVD

Do you love drumming?

Do you need some help getting started or are you ready to learn more?

Do you need effective, comprehensive lessons that make it easy for ANYONE to learn djembe hand drumming?

Then you'll love Jim Donovan's Rhythmic Foundation DVD!

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A Clear and Effective Tool To Improve Your Drumming Easily

Jim Donovan's Rhythmic Foundation DVD is is a innovative two-hour instructional drumming DVD that has helped thousands of drummers learn exciting world rhythms, techniques and concepts that will improve your drumming right away.

Rhythmic Foundation is an excellent resource for all hand drummers, percussionist, music classrooms, drum circle facilitators, and even drum set players.


On this comprehensive instructional DVD Jim explains and demonstrates every step of the drumming process such as:

  1. How to sit comfortably with your drum.
  2. How to use proper hand positions for the various tones of your drum, and how to keep your hands healthy while playing.
  3. How to use extensive exercises and regimens to help you gain confidence, coordination, small muscle dexterity, power and speed.
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Rhythmic Foundation shows you a multitude of ways to help you discover how to develop and sharpen your drumming abilities:

  1. You will learn 8 easy arrangements of traditional African drumming pieces.
  2. You will develop your capacity to listen on a deeper level in the "Rhythmic Ear Training" section.
  3. You'll learn to use your drum to help release stress in the "Rhythms for Relaxation" section.
  4. You can discover how to create your own music while jamming on your drum along with Jim and his friends in the "Rhythms for Creation" section.
  5. You will also build your technique, confidence, and your ability to solo in the extensive "Dexterity, Speed, and Power" section.

About Jim..

Jim Donovan is a musician and educator whose mission is to empower, inspire and connect people. In his work, Donovan uses music as a vehicle for personal growth, healing, and the creation of community. He was a founding member of the multi-platinum 90's band Rusted Root and was voted "Drum Circle Facilitator of the Year" by the readers of Drum! magazine. Donovan holds a BA in classical music performance from the University of Pittsburgh and is completing graduate work in Education Leadership at Saint Francis University where he is also on faculty. Donovan studied and played African music with various master drummers such as Congolese master drummer Elie Kihonia, Mamady Keita and Mbemba Bangoura. He also studied African Music with noted scholar Dr. Kwabena Nketia from Ghana. 

What people are saying...
"As a long-time music teacher of drumming and world music, I have to say that Rhythmic Foundation is the best instructional/play-along resource that I have ever experienced! ...Jim is a master teacher with a unique talent for demonstrating technique, dexterity, coordination, and how to get the best sound out of your drum. The dual visual perspectives (straight on and a bird's eye view) are invaluable. This DVD will enable you to significantly improve your playing, regardless of your level of experience."
-Elizabeth Wilson, Boys Latin School of Baltimore, MD
"This DVD is for ANYONE interested in drumming....it is filled with information that would appeal to all students, from beginners to established players...the DVD could not be anymore 'user friendly'...easy instructions allow one to travel freely thru the contents with many options for users...it would be wise to first watch the DVD in entirety to explore the wealth of material contained...
a starting point could then be established for the experience the DVD provides...personally, i chose to start in the techniques section to remind myself the proper postions and form necessary in hand drumming....the overhead views are excellent and for someone who doesn't get to drum as often as i would like, this refresher is perfect in establishing proper style and sound, etc...there are many excercises to help with speed and power and sections that allow individuals to jam along with those playing on the DVD....i also enjoy listening to the different selections chosen by the author from traditional pieces and instructions on how to play them...these are just a few of the features available!!! i could not speak more highly of this video....it is truly all that is advertised...i cannot recommend it highly enough!!!"
-Ken Isles, Teacher, Grove City, PA