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Jim Donovan's Rhythmic Foundation DVD : Learn to play your djembe today!


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  • Do you love drumming?
  • Are you a beginner and need some help getting started?
  • Do you need effective, comprehensive lessons that will make it easy for you to learn or improve your djembe hand drumming?
  • Do you just love jamming on hand drums and want to take the next step?

Jim Donovan's Rhythmic Foundation DVD is is a breakthrough two-hour instructional drumming DVD that is helping thousands of drummers learn exciting world rhythms, techniques and concepts that will improve your drumming right away.

Jim clearly explains and demonstrates every step of learning how to play your drum starting with:

  1. How to sit comfortably with your drum.
  2. Proper hand positions for the various tones of your drum, and how to keep your hands healthy while playing.
  3. Extensive exercises and regimens to help you gain coordination, small muscle dexterity, power and speed.


Rhythmic Foundation shows you a variety of ways to help you discover how to develop and sharpen your drumming abilities:

  1. You will learn 8 traditional West and Central African Drumming pieces.
  2. You'll enjoy a highly effective drumming meditation exercise.
  3. You will develop your capacity to listen on a deeper level in the "Rhythmic Ear Training" section.
  4. You'll learn to use your drum to help release stress in the "Rhythms for Relaxation" section.
  5. You can discover how to create your own music while jamming along with Jim and his friends in the "Rhythms for Creation" section.
  6. You will also build your technique, confidence, and your ability to solo in the extensive "Dexterity, Speed, and Power" section.


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Please note that this DVD is encoded for Region 1 DVD players (North America), however it also plays on region free dvd players and PCs.

Get started on learning how to play your djembe today!


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